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German Aid: Your personal PCS agent.

Are you planning your move to Germany?

Did you just get here?

Or have you already been here for a while?

You need German Aid for translating, relocating and consulting services.

Are you drowning in information?
Are you thirsty for knowledge?

Let German Aid quench your thirst!

Give me a call: 0049 173 3647569

Miscellaneous Mail

Do you receive documents or letters in the mail from time to time and you have no clue what they say or what you should do?

House Hunt

Are you looking for a place to make a home? Whether you want to rent or buy, I can help find the object that suites your needs.

Cell Phone / Internet / TV

Staying connected with your friends and family back home is probably the most important aspect when moving overseas. Let’s discuss your options.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.
–Art Williams

Moving overseas is challenging. Make the most of your stay and feel comfortable in your new environment by letting German Aid guide and consult you.

Photo credit: ©Adobe Stock #237991342 Kaiserslautern during night by Daniel.

Let German Aid quench your thirst!

Photo credit: Title photo / illustration, Adobe Stock #115049146 © lisakolbasa.
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