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Welcome Package
€ 350
Need assistance with your PCS? Let me accompany you every step of the way upon arrival. For the first two months I can help you with communicating with German companies and landlords, residency registration, possible insurances needed, getting your utilities set up.

Covers two months: phone calls, checking / translating documents, meeting with landlord & interpreting, doing walk-through at new home, set up cell phone, set up internet & TV at home, one tour of downtown Kaiserslautern

€ 350, one-time fee


Courtesy translation, verbal
€ 25

Show me a 1-3 page document and I will explain the content and what needs to be done with it.

one-time fee

Follow-up action
€ 35
Show me a 1-3 page document and I will explain the content and what needs to be done with it. If action is required, phone calls, answer letter in writing, follow-up conversation, form to fill out etc. while keeping you fully informed and updated throughout the process.

one-time fee

German Contracts
€ 45
Show me a 1-3 page official document or contract in German and I will tell you what it says.

one-time fee

On-site translation, telephone
€ 15 per 15 mins

Did you get into an accident or do you have something else to settle right away? Call me and I will interpret back and forth for all parties involved.

€ 15 for 15 minutes (charged in 15 min increments)

On-site translation, in person
€ 35

Do you have an appointment somewhere and need a translator? Like signing up for utilities, registering your German address, property viewing with a German landlord etc. I can consult and interpret for you in person.

€ 35 / hour

Transportation fee
€ 30

One-time fee for me to drive to your meeting in person. No transportation fee for meetings in Kaiserslautern.

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