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German Aid operates from the heart and truly cares about you. I do my best to take care of you.

Here is what some of my customers are saying:

I kept getting letters in the mail that showed a number getting higher and higher. I asked German Aid what to do. Turns out it was an insurance that I didn't know I had and owed them € 4,000. German Aid took care of everything for me, called the company and put my response in writing for me to just sign. Thanks to German Aid I had to pay zero back!!

I got into an accident and the older German couple involved didn't speak any English. I called German Aid who immediately knew what to say to them. She made a very stressful situation easier to handle for everyone.

I've used German Aid several times already. She helped me set up a German bank account, get my German business registered and has translated and explained all of the documents and contracts to me. It was such a relief having her by my side.

Our landlord doesn't speak any English. German Aid has been our POC for many years and has dealt with everything for us! A big help!

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